Tuesday, February 03, 2009

That week in February

There is always a week in February that is mild and sunny, just a gorgeous time to live here, gives you hope that spring might actually come. I think we're having that week. It is one of those weeks when visitors exclaim, "Seattle is a gorgeous, I'd love to live there, it didn't rain at all while we were visiting!" It is gorgeous, it is green, it just isn't always sunny.

I took the youngest of our munchkins to the beach this morning. Just a short outing to enjoy the sun and throw rocks in the water. She loved it. I did too. As I stood there looking out at the water, the clouds in the distance pushing their way over the mountains, I thought, "I'd really miss this if we moved away." Not that we're moving anytime soon, or maybe ever. We just never thought we'd be here this long -- 8 years now. What is is about coastlines?

ps -- I got my hair fixed last weekend. I'm having a much better time looking in the mirror now.


Satoko said...

You have to realize by now that Seattle is the best place to live.

kelly said...

thanks for reminding me that there is great things to like about living here.
i've been so grumpy about the cold and the wet this year.
and i DO love your hair!

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