Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haircuts (and our week)

Thursday of mid-winter break Laine and Cannon got haircuts. I have taken to calling Laine's uncombed hair "scragglemuffin," though it was so pretty. She wasn't happy to sit through the combing out of all the tagles and I didn't want to let her go around forever with knot-hair-head. So today she was brave enough to get her first haircut in the salon. Cannon's hair was looking long and shaggy, kind of cool, but he wanted it short and spiky so they both sat down for haircuts. It took longer to comb out Laine's hair than to have it cut.
She's pleased and I suppose to some people her hair is still "long."
What else have we done this mid-winter break? We went to ToysRUs and Target on Monday so the kids could spend their money that they've been saving. Saving his money for more than a month was a huge accomplishment for Cannon. He was anxious to spend it the day after Christmas. Laine didn't know she'd been saving money for a few years -- thank you Grandma Bonney! -- and she had $40 to spend. Ridge bought Legos, Cannon bought Bakugans, Laine bought a Littlest Pet Shop house and Sommer didn't buy anything even though she had $10 to spend too.

Tuesday we cleaned the upstairs since it was looking like it had seen a major disaster then went to the thrift store. Wednesday we had play dates with friends. Today we did the haircuts and
then went out to Mercer Island to see one of Eric's jobsites. We got a tour of a the lakefront propersy and the boys were lucky enough to drive the digger and scoop a few buckets of dirt. Then we headed to McDonalds and ate our food at the park.

The whole idea, a mid-winter break, sounds technically just perfect. Doesn't everyone need a break from the winter? But if you don't plan a vacation to get out of the grey and the winter weather, then is it really a mid-winter break? And why exactly do we need a mid-winter break when spring break is just over a month away? It is nice to have lazy mornings but it seems that we finally got into the swing of things from our long Christmas vacation. Now, what should I make for dinner?


Sally said...

Wow - I can't believe how much you do with your kids. You are an amazing mom! It looks like a nice sunny, day and the kids are adorable with their fresh cuts and suckers. Fun times!

Lynne said...

Everyone looks so fresh! And no sweatshirts in the sunshine--that's major! Love your family!

Torrie said...

the girls look so cute in shilos hand me downs- the yellow sweater was one on my favorites!
thanks for all the play dates for shilo and laine!

Paige said...

The kids think that sun = warm. I was wearing a coat and scarf.