Friday, January 23, 2009

More important things

Enough about the hair. I promise I wasn't posting about it to fish for compliments, it really doesn't look that great. But thanks for being so nice about it and please be nice again when I get it fixed.

And here is Laine, discussing a very important event that happened on Tuesday:

I got to hear the inaugural address, most of it, while in the car. I thought it was a great speech and I think it is wonderful how so many people are hoping to change the world together. I am annoyed with the media who continue to be negative. Right after the speech the commentators didn't point out anything positive, just that he has a lot to accomplish and is coming into the worst economy ever blah, blah. They couldn't dwell on the positive, even for a moment, couldn't dwell on the hope of the day. Maybe everyone should stop listening to the media for a while.


kelly said...

cute miss lainie.
i liked his speech too.
very inspiring.
i do feel a little sorry for the guy.
i think there is a huge expectation of him to change everything.
but it is nice to have hope.

Pamela said...

I think he's been put so high up on a pedestal that the only way down. It's sad though. It would be nice to have hope...or more hope I guess.

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

I hope he'll do great things..I have no expectations whatsoever. I have lots of hope but I definitely think the whole idea of placing ALL your hope in him, like he's Pres. Kennedy or something is just asking way too much of any human. I really hope lots of good things happen tho, he seems like a decent enough dude. I try not to watch the news.
As for your hair..I don't like it much either but it really does look fine. Just not "Wow! You look great!" Then again,I've only seen one picture down there. Maybe its totally fine. Have you thought of just getting it bobbed? That might be really cute. Right now is a great time to do something crazy like color it platinum blonde or crazy red! Do it!!
I had a dream that I went to get my hair cut and when I came back it was super short. I was really upset about that because I want it long again so bad!

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

thanks for your comments! I would love to see the new bob, I bet its darling. Maybe you were wanting it longer tho but at least you like it more now!
I can ask my friend about your situation- its a laptop right? He and his boss are trying some different things and they seem to be working. I know we have 3 other people in line before you but he was able to get every SINGLE picture back. Its worth asking at least so I'll just ask him about it and if you aren't interested, I'll just tell him to never mind!