Monday, January 05, 2009

Around here

This is what happens when you are still top heavy and you try to reach into the bathtub to splash in the water that is swiftly moving down the drain. (She just got out of the bath and was so lotioned and cozy and clean in her jammies.) I'd cry too if I dunked like that and then my mom ran to get the camera instead of lifting me out of my misery.
This is what it looks like to have a bum the size of a quarter so you can still sit in the infant tub that comes home with you from the hospital that now holds the bath toys.
And this is what it looks like to be tiny enough to sit in the dolly stroller. (The wheels on the back were broken already but she is big enough that the thing will pop soon if she keeps doing this.)
And this is what one of Eric's dreams coming true looks like. His oldest boy has a motorcycle and is learning how to ride it. Life is good.
(Yes, we do have one more child but there were not any pictures of him on the camera this time.)


Lynne said...

Todd's reliving his first ride as he's looking at this one of Ridge! Way to go Ridge!
And, yes, life IS good! Paige, you are so amazing! And you sure make good grandkids! Love you!

kelly said...

you are such a brave mom!
i can barely watch my kids get on an escalator, i would have heart-attack seeing them on a motorcycle!
did ridge get this for christmas?
please don't let grady or rob see...

Sally said...

Precious moments! Somner is hilarious and maybe Ridge is a good idea for Ethan. He absolutely refuses to learn how to ride a bike, so maybe we will go straight to motorized stuff!

Melain said...

I love that you let her scream while you ran for the camera. I'm guilty of doing that on MANY occasions and I've never been sorry!

Torrie said...

i too love that you ran for the camera! i would have done the same thing. there are just some moments that you can't retell with out a picture! priceless!
and i think that john and the boys would love to take the bikes out for a ride...can they coun't that as a scout activity?
great post!