Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Traditions: the downtown trek

Another downtown Christmas trek has come and gone. We did our traditional monorail ride from the Seattle center. I tried to get everyone interested in listening to the Boys Choir that was performing at the Seattle Center stage but no one was as excited as I was so we just heard one song and moved on to the monorail part of our adventure.
Riding the carousel. I promise that the boys were there too but I didn't get many pictures of them. Most of the time they were galavanting with the friends that came with us this year. It was fun to have friends share the afternoon with us.
Chad and Angie came too and so we had a 1to1 adult/child ratio -- how great is that? As we stroll the streets I always want to stop and actually go into stores, those downtown window displays are just so enticing. I'm sure those years will come soon enough.
Here we are. I think I wear the same thing every year, at least my coat and scarf have been the same for the last 3 years.
Oh no! What happened to Angie?! She's okay, just braving the sidewalk near the space needle to get our Christmas picture taken for us. Yes, we didn't take care of that until last Saturday, and I just ordered the cards this afternoon during Sommer's nap with several, "can you play with us now?" interruptions from Laine and Cannon. Angie did a great job with the camera, we did not do such a great job with being photogenic. Really, we are quite the bunch of ragamuffins this year for the picture. Maybe next year we'll look posed and well-groomed. Maybe.


Torrie said...

Looks like fun again this year!
You guys always do such fun things!
{i'm a little sad that i didn't get to spend some time shooting you guys this year, i had a lot of fun trying to get the perfect shot last year.}

kentandnellie said...

What a fun tradition! After visiting you guys, I've decided I love Seattle's downtown. I'm excited to see your Christmas picture...I'm sure it looks great!

Cammi said...

Ragamuffins....ha! You like a model in that picture of you and Eric.

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

the boy's choir was singing?? I wish I could have heard them! Sounds like a fun day- we should do that some year too..
Cant wait to see y'all ragamuffins in your Christmas pic!

Lark said...

you and eric look really cute in your picture.
I also just ordered our christmas cards yesterday with a similar situation going on - kids interrupting several times and I would keep have to sign in again because I would have to step away from the computer!