Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lainey ballerina

Laine had her first ballet recital last weekend. She was so excited for it, excited to get ready, and then when we got there confessed that her tummy felt nervous about it. So we had a little chat about feeling nervous and that it's okay and she was fine and was a very cute dancer.
I'm sorry to say that I took the worst pictures in history and the worst video, not worth posting, during her number. I was on the wrong side of the stage to get a good shot of her. They were supposed to do another recital today but it was canceled because of the weather. And I was going to bring her a little bouquet of flowers to give her after her performance today. And I was going to get her hair bun right this time. I am not the best hair stylist. Oh well. Seattle can't function when there is snow on the ground. So these shots are the best I have.
I love this one because she looks so dainty and cute next to the truck, so excited about her dancing. All of us were there to watch her performance, Angie and Chad came too even though I gave them only a 1/2 hour's notice about it. It is great to have an Aunt and Uncle next door.


kentandnellie said...

Laine looks so cute and her hair looks adorable. She'll have to give us a repeat performance next time we see you guys.

Lark said...

she looks so cute!
Is that your truck?

Torrie said...

I love little girls excitement when they are in ballet! She looks so cute!
On watch day Shilo was sure ALL the parents were taking pictures of just her!

Paige said...

That's Eric's truck. He bought it just after Laine was born. It is a really nice truck.

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

Oh my goodness she is beautiful!! Im kind of jealous I think..not that she's beautiful but it seems like your life is playing out so perfectly with all these kids and I dont do anything nearly as cool as making sure the TWO that I have are involved in neat things. I really need to do something about that I think.

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