Friday, December 05, 2008

Fortune Teller/Cootie Catcher

Today I helped Cannon make his own "fortune teller" as the boys are calling them. Made me feel like I was in elementary school again, though I don't think I figured out how to fold them myself until I was in jr. high.

And now it is Friday night. I really wanted to go see Twilight again (I was going to text you, Marie, to see if you happened to be at home with nothing to do), just to get out of the house. Or go shopping for something new to wear at the Charter Christmas party. Not that the party requires something new, or nice for that matter because it is at a big restaurant bar place and the main event is a billiards competition, but it would be fun to have something different to wear, just for my own sake. But instead of doing those things I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for my cookies for the annual cookie exchange on Monday (11 dozen this year). How not exciting is that. I got home and Eric went over to Chad and Angie's to play rock band. I thought we were going to watch "Get Smart," but now it is 10:30 and I can still hear the music next door, sometimes it is really loud, and I'm blogging in my pajamas, listening to "Say Yes to the Dress" in the background. Cannon has already come down for his nightly crying-on-the-way-to-the-bathroom ritual. He came into our room, I was watching "What Not to Wear" and finally eating dinner, so I directed him to our toilet and for some reason he kept turning around and started spraying the wall instead of the toilet. I have no idea how he even makes it down the stairs he is so asleep. Not a bad night, not exciting, but sometimes nights at home are okay.


Torrie said...

I am always up for seeing twilight for the 3rd time!!!! or going out on a last min. whim! watching you try on clothes for a new out fit might have been fun...because it would be a girly sort of time!
get smart was crazy funny even the 3rd time. with the captions, it was longer but worth it. chastin keeps quoting it, making me crack up!
cookie party- i'm so excited! i'm # 11!!!!! what to ride together?

Satoko said...

I love your blog...!
Life as a mom...amazing.
You are an amazing mom, Paige!

Team Biddle said...

A. Call me anytime for a movie and shopping.

B. Have fun at the cookie exchange!

C. Miss ya.

Lark said...

I love this post - says so much about your everyday life - and it sounds so wonderful! It was great to get a glimpse of your friday night.
Mom and I went and saw Twilight this last weekend again! What a great flick. I was just imagining all us girls next Christmas at moms house watching Twilight together on DVD. Hopefully we will all be there for Lancer - can you just picture that - all of us on the couch watching while the husbands mock us and our children scream for our attention! Sounds great!

Cammi said...

I've been meaning to tell you that Lila does the same thing - a sleep walking to the bathroom routine. There was one time she went in our bathtub because she just couldn't figure out where the toilet was! We also found her sound asleep in our computer room once - she had gone in the corner and then went to sleep again right on top of it! Crazy kids :)