Monday, December 22, 2008

Cannon danced too

Cannon is not a shy performer. He was very excited to do his special dance number as part of the school's Central American culture night. Grades K-2 participated so if Ridge were still at the same school he would have done something too, though not as happily since he takes after me and is shy about performing in front of groups. I got better about that as I grew older but I remember feeling the same way about some performances when I was a youngster.
This is an awful photo, I know. I zoomed in and was obviously shaking a little but I'm posting it anyway because Cannon is right in the middle, mouth wide open, singing as loud as he can. Eric and I were able to go alone with him because Chad was willing to babysit the other three. Cannon kept looking in our direction, waving and just looking at us. The video is really long, too long, so I'm not offended if you stop it after 15 seconds. You'll get the gist of the performance from that. After his number his adrenaline wore off and he sat very still wasn't as animated as before he danced. However, he did have enough energy for a treat from 7-11 afterward.



Paige said...

If you watch the video, those things they are shaking are plastic water bottles, painted and then filled with rice or something. Isn't that school music teacher a saint to do all this?

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

Cannon is Cool!! You tell him I said that. Go ahead, go tell him right now. haha, just kidding. I mean you can tell him but you don't have to do it right now :)