Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two days off school

Cannon caught by an octopus.
We got to aquarium right after it opened on Monday. There was a staff day Monday, Veterans Day Tuesday, so we had a 4 day weekend. Eric doesn't have any extra days off this year and he doesn't get Veterans Day off so it was just me and the children. I bought an aquarium pass again. We haven't had one for a couple of years so it was kind of new to the kids again. Laine didn't remember it at all and the boys had forgotten many things as well. When I was buying the pass the woman asked me how many were using it today and I told her 5. She asked "2 adults and 3 children?" To which I replied, "1 adult and 4 children." And then I felt like a crazy person.
Laine trying to find Nemo.
Sommer trying to catch jellyfish.

The tradition has been to hike up to Pikes and eat donuts afterward, which we did again. Ridge didn't feel like eating any of them, best eaten when hot. Cannon started to complain of a headache, very weird for him. Both the boys were practically asleep on the way home and it was only 11ish. When we got in the door they both complained that they were exhausted and both looked pale and ill. Sommer went down for a nap, Laine went upstairs to watch Cinderella and the boys crashed on the couch. I was in the bathroom when Ridge quietly came to the door and said, "Cannon's throwing up all over the couch." He then went to my room where he soon fell asleep on my bed. Cannon rarely vomits so this was quite a scarey experience for him. Luckily that bout went all over his blanket and his clothes and missed the couch. We weren't so lucky later in the evening. Eric was home to clean up that mess though. And I was sooo lucky that Cannon didn't toss his cookies all over the aquarium or in the middle of Pikes. That would have been awful! They were both looking and feelng fine by Tuesday and the girls haven't been sick, yet...



Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

what a cool whale thingy- I haven't been to that aquarium before, it looks very fun.
Puking...yeee-uck. I would rather do just about anything than be puking and next to that- I'd rather do just about anything other than CLEANING puke. Im glad they got over it quickly! Bummer too because you were doing such a cool mom thing by taking the whole troop out on such a fun adventure.

Torrie said...

you are really lucky that they weren't sick @ the aquarium! that would have ruined everyones day! i love when the kids have time off school- i really like hanging out with them. we went to the zoo monday, and chuck e cheeses on tuesday.
glad the boys are feeling better!
and hope the girls don't get it!

Sally said...

Our girls have two unexpected days off from school today and tomorrow due to an outbreak of stomach flu, shingles, and strep at their little school. The whole thing is being sanitized while everyone is gone. They haven't caught it yet, but I can't believe we've dodged that bullet. 50 kids we absent on Monday alone. Our sympathies.

Paige said...

That is a crazy outbreak! I'm glad they took the initiative to sanitize the place. I hope you stay healthy.

Lark said...

I was cracking up at the part you said you felt like a crazy person and Ridge "tossing his cookies."

Glad you could enjoy the aquarium together.