Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy birthday Angie (bird nerd)

Isn't this the funniest magnet and even funnier since Laine chose it for her Aunt Angie for her birthday. Saturday was Angie's birthday. I took the kids, minus Ridge, to a local church's holiday bazaar to check it out and to find presents for Angie. Of course the children were not as interested in roaming around as I was and so we ended up making a decision at the booth we were in front of which had handmade magnets with animals on them. Sommer was trying to get away and I told Laine and Cannon to quickly decide. Laine decided on the purple heart, I noticed it had a bird on it, and Cannon found a dog one made out of a bottle cap. When we got in the car I finally read Laine's magnet and burst out laughing. Is it supposed to be a compliment? When I told the kids what it said they started laughing too and Laine was excited to give Angie something that would make her laugh.
Chad planned a little surprise party for her and invited us (to our house) and some of Angie's friends from work and church. It was a Rock Band party and Eric's friend loaned him a screen and projector from his work so that we could be musicians on the big screen.
Laine saying "peace and love son," a favorite funny phrase around here since hearing it in a picture book at bedtime a few weeks ago.
The party got a little late for Sommer. Eric the couch rock star.
The kids were excited to help give Angie all her presents. Hope you had a wonderful day.


Torrie said...

what a great husband chad is! a suprise party!
i really don't like birds so i'm glad nobody gave me a 'bird nerd' magnet...:)
and that projection screen idea is so cool! happy birthday!

Lark said...

Fun party!

I'm glad that Laine found the humor in the magnant too :)

Lark said...

just pretend that I did spell magnet right ;)

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

hahaha..I love the bird nerd magnet! Lots of great pics too, you're a mighty good blogger.

Lynne said...

Paige, you're so thoughtful to host a party for Angie--or at least donate your home for it! Looks like so much fun--the kids are so good to Chad and Angie. Thanks for caring for them!

Angie said...

It was such a good surprise and I LOVE my BIRD NERD Magnet :)
Chad is a wonderful husband and the whole day was just soooo wonderful. Coming home to friends and family was the perfect ending.
Thanks Paige & Family, you guys made me feel at home having family to celebrate w/ on my birthday :)

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