Sunday, October 12, 2008

This little house of mine...

(Is the Kingston Trio going through your head right now? Maybe just if you're a Sommer or a Blaser and you grew up with a dad who loves that group so you listened to them and sang along on road trips all through your childhood. )
I have a love/hate relationship with the main bathroom in the house. When it is just us, I really don't mind the location at all. Especially in the evening. I can do the dishes, and while my hands are still in the water I can turn around, lean a bit and see the girls in the tub, happy little mermaids.
And when we are making cookies it is really easy for the kids to jump down and go wash their hands, as you can see.
This bathroom needs some major work. That is fake tile - some kind of board that was installed who knows how many years ago. It is peeling off and needs to be replaced with real tile. But the bathroom works and in this little house, it is in just the right place.

But when we have guests I'm not so happy with the location.

"Oh, need to use the bathroom? Just step around me while I'm making breakfast and go on in. That's the light switch on the outside of the door, nope, no fan. I promise I won't giggle at the noises I hear if you promise me to open the window and spray the air freshener."

A month ago we had 5 grown men here for a couple of days -- Eric's brothers and some friends came for the BYU/UW game and the Mariners/Yankees game. It was a bit crowded in all parts of the house and the akwardly placed bathroom was well used. And the house seemed small. But when it is just our family, it seems just right. Yes, there is always a project that needs to be done, always a mess somewhere, but it is a good little house. Eric squatted down to my eye level the other day and he said, "the house looks bigger from down here." Maybe he should be walking on his knees, I'll put flannel on the knee pads he has for tile work and he can scoot around the house from now on.

So Matt and Lo, our Thanksgiving guests who have never visited this place, do you still want to come? My parents are coming too -- we're so excited to have Thanksgiving with family again! My parents have been here already, of course, so they know what they're getting into. They also know to use the master bathroom.


Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

hahahahahaaa...I don't know which part is funnier! Hahaha! scoot around the house on his knees or the fact that he squats down to get a "bigger perspective"
Good luck with the reminds me of one of my favorite songs..
I know there's some way to turn that into a link but I forget how so if you feel like it, copy and paste it. Very cute post, love the bath time pic!

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

stinking thing was too long and didn't translate in the comment box right. Okay, just google Doug Stone, Little Houses lyrics..if ya want.

Pamela said...

Be thankful you have a wonderful lil house and it's all yours!

I love that you can watch the girls bathing from your kitchen, that is soooo cool!

Lauren said... are hilarious! I love you how describe things, especially the "I promise not to giggle" line.

Kristine said...

bathroom drama. no fun!

you are funny paige.

i'm wondering why the house was designed like that in the first place. crazy.

kelly said...

i love your cozy happy home!
and that's pretty funny about the bathroom.

Lark said...

"I'm gonna let it shine!"
(I did sing it right away)

I love your bathroom because its so akwardly located.