Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sommer Climbs

My main reason for taking this video was so that Sommer could show off her new outfit. My mom gave it to her when she was tiny and it fits her now. She looks really cute but we're still having unisex baby issues. While we were waiting for Ridge's bus in the afternoon an older gentleman went slowly around the corner so he could smile at Sommer but then he said, "little guy sure looks busy." I just smiled and said, "sure does." And if you watch, you see that the video doesn't just feature Sommer, regular slice of life these days.
So the video is really dark and I imagine that only those who really love me and my kids will watch it. And that creepy laughing noise is a Halloween pumpkin toy/decoration that the kids like to drag around the house.


Pamela said...

Awwwww! How cute! I love how she bounces a bit when she reaches the top. Adorable.

I used to have trouble with the unisex baby thing too. Steph looked like a boy---despite ALL the pink I dressed her in--to all people. I used to glue a little pink boy on her bald head to give people a clue. Nope, they still called her a 'he'. They sure don't now! :)

Pamela said...
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Platteborze Possy said...

What a sweetheart...definitely looks like a girl to me! Jayden has been climbing Rachel's ladder for a couple months now as well. It is in my morning ritual to remove the ladder every morning and close all bathroom doors!

You're kiddos are all so cute...we miss you guys!

kelly said...

such a big girl!
and i think i heard that creepy pumpkin when we were on the phone the other day.

Lark said...

she does look cute and I love the craziness around her! What an exciting life.
Cannon is hilarious.

K. Laura said...

That is a great video! I can't believe she is climbing! How fast the little ones learn from the examples of their older siblings. And just goes to show: no matter how old you are, you always want the attention of you mother! ;-) Love those kids!