Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snippets of our week (and Hawaii)

Ridge received this tent for his birthday from his friend down the street. Isn't that a great gift idea for a young boy? He set it up for the first time Monday this week in our living room, and has set it up every day since. The boys are excited to sleep in it on Friday night but I need to figure out how to put it in Ridge's room, or the eaves so that it isn't in the middle of our entry way or in front of the stairs or blocking the dining room walk through. He was feeling happy to share on Monday, not so much yesterday but today he and Cannon had fun in it together.
Finally! The Tinkerbell movie is here! Laine has been waiting for this day since early spring when we happened upon the website -- Laine loves to Create Your Own Fairy and she has several of the printed out and taped to her wall. My favorite part is the naming at the end. Who are the people who made those lists? It is such a fun idea.
And to report on the movie, I really liked it. At 72 minutes it turned out to be a bit long for Laine but the message of it was so perfect it made me happy and made me want to shine in my own talents. The movie shows the "birth" of Tinkerbell and how she ends up being a tinker fairy. She sees all the other talents that she could have had, helping to control nature for the coming and going of the seasons, and she wants to have a different talent because tinkering seems so dull and not helpful. Of course in the end she is true to herself (true to Disney) and she shines in the best Tinkerbell way possible. One of the things that I appreciated was that the head tinker fairy originally dismissed the nuance of Tinkerbell's tinker talent because it wasn't something that she valued in tinkering. So if you happen to be babysitting 4+ age girls, or you are the parents to one, enjoy the movie together. (You can borrow our copy if you're around.)
I thought this picuture of Sommer was so cute. Her dad saw it and said, "cute, but she looks like a boy." Even her father.

And I'm pretty sick of doing things for everyone else, I said too many yesses this fall and I knew I did and I knew there would be this very busy period but I didn't consider how all these things would take away from my personal time, family time, brain time taken up by things that I'm tired of thinking about. And I'm whining, and could do more but I'll just say that I'm so thankful that I have this, below, in my memory because sometimes I close my eyes and see this beautiful sunset in my head and breathe deep for a moment, and it helps.



Tricia said...

Yeses are the bane of my existence. But your video helped me breathe too.

kelly said...

oohhh... you got a video?
can you believe that was just a month ago?

Platteborze Possy said...

Love the tent, and the movie! We rented it yesterday and surprised Rachel with it. I thought it was pretty cute, and it made me the best mom ever, so I was happy!
I'm a yesaholic too; trying to do better. This sunset surely helps.

Lark said...

We'll have to check out the Tinkerbell movie! Thanks for the review.

The tent is a fabulous idea ... one I will have to remember when Paul gets to be a bit older.

Sorry about the stressful time but glad you have good memories to fill your mind and calm your soul :)

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

tinkerbell movie- check
tent- super check
movie of the ocean in Hawaii-SUPER DOUBLE CHECK
Just listening to the sound of the waves made my blood pressure go down. Im so glad you got to go!

Pamela said...

Ooooh, that video. Just watching and hearing the waves lap the sand.....the sunset..... so beautiful. I can close my eyes, take a deep breath and I'm there as well. Sigh.

Team Biddle said...

I can't believe it was a month ago. I already want to go back...

It keeps me sane to think about it.

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