Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eric's big idea...

Eric had the grand idea to be Hagrid from Harry Potter for Halloween. We've been invited to a family Halloween party this year, costumes not optional, so we had to come up with something. Eric scared Sommer so bad she screamed and was shaking the first time she saw him in this wig. It didn't help that he had just jumped out of the closed and roared and that I was holding her and I screamed. She kind of got used to him though. He never held her while he was all dressed up. He was pretty nervous that he'd fall on some child or fall and break his arm while walking around on the drywaller stilts.
We had way too much fun at the DI thrift store finding things for our costumes. I'm supposed to be Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. And after wearing it around all evening at the trunk-or-treat, I'm quite fond of the knit muff that I got for $2, really did keep my hands warm.
So half of us were themed, not bad. I "made" Ridge's costume. I found a black, knit dress at DI that I tried to turn into a Hogwarts robe. The Slytherin badge on his robe turned out pretty cool, might have to do a close up of that one. As I was sewing and gluing I kept making up comments for what Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum would have said to me if I had put Ridge's robe on the runway. Nothing positive I'm afraid.

And afterwards Cannon told me "mom, you should wear those clothes in real-life." My husband also liked me in my broomstick skirt. It was actually quite comfortable, much more-so than the jeans I had been wearing around all day (the skirt was a thrift store find too.) And if I start dressing like this all the time then my chances to be on What Not to Wear will skyrocket.


Lauren said...

I love it! Eric's costume totally rocks, you look just like Trelawny, and Ridge is a great Draco (although he is much to sweet). What is Cannon? An action hero? And Laine and Sommer? So fun!

kelly said...

again, you guys should win a contest! you were so rockin' the trunk-or-treat last night!
and poor sommer, to freak her out like that!
i love that picture of him next to her. totally shows the size.
i love the draco malfoy too.

Platteborze Possy said...

Way too cool!!!! I wish Brett would be enthused about dressing up; it would be so much fun!!! You and Eric are so cute, even in your costumes...I love it!!!

Tricia said...

Now you guys are my costume heroes. So cute!

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

I laughed out loud at that first picture..SOOO FUNNY! I keep calling Ryan to come down stairs and look at it- thats probably the best Halloween Costume I've ever seen- especially since you already get the feeling Eric is on stilts when he's NOT on stilts! haha
You look FABULOUS Ms. Paige Trelawny, AB-FAB..

Pamela said...

Kelly is right. you two DID rock the trunk or treat last night!! That was a great costume and I'm impressed that he could walk on those things all night!

Torrie said...

i couldn't get over how good eric looked! that was such a cooool costume. i forgot all about getting dressed up for trunk or treat, i usually do something.
anyhow, we are invited to that same party, i think john is going as a prego nun, and i'm the priest. what cha think?

Sally said...

OH MY GOSH! Those are the best costumes ever - you guys look exactly like the real characters! It made my night - LOL! I have to say, I'm with Somner, though. Eric is big and scary!

Bentley said...

How cute! You are so creative! I am impressed with the costumes. You guys are very much in character.

Team Biddle said...

Those are some great costumes! I wish I could have seen you guys in person!

Lark said...

Oh I cant stop laughing! You guys look awesome - and Eric - there are hardly words. Love all the costumes.
I can just hear you sewing away and acting like you are in project runway - so funny.

mindy said...

Amazing. Definetly the best costumes I have seen so far this halloween season. And I think those costumes would have won you the challenge on Project Runway.

Sally said...

I can barely fathom his bigness. You look like a fairy in comparison, but to be fair you always look like a fairy. :) I am impressed with your desire and motivation to dress up. I sometimes regret never doing it, especially when I see other people making the effort. I might try harder next year now that I've seen your efforts.

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