Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday bash

Ridge helped to plan his 8th birthday party. He was so excited to welcome his friends to our home. He helped to design the card on the computer, had a Shel Silverstein poem that he wanted to put in there called "Invitation" and then Pokemon characters decorating the cover and inside since the Pokemon trading craze was the main event. I think the boys had more fun playing games outside with Eric but the cards went over well enough. We bought each boy a card booster pack and supplied them with trading card binder pages. Ridge went through his collection and chose a couple special cards from his collection for each guest and put them in the binder pages. He was pretty cute about getting everything ready. When I was going over the party agenda with him he said,

"Oh mom, I already did a 3 page power point presentation about the schedule for the party."

And then he showed it to me. He had an introduction page, a list of 9 items on the second slide and the last slide was "10. Have fun!" written in big letters. I'm trying to remember when I learned about power point.

It was all a very Ridge kind of celebration. How blessed we are to be this boy's parents.


kelly said...

such a great party and clever boy.
happy birthday ridge!

Kristine said...

A POWER POINT! hahahaha that is Awesome. How Cute!
8 year olds are the Best. Sounds like a fun party.

Lark said...

Happy birthday Ridge! Love the power point - can we see it?

Torrie said...

he is so much fun to have in cub scouts! i'm glad he's 8 and can join us.
chastin had a good time partying at the blasers house too!
and a power point? what's that? j.k...