Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Cannonism

Just had to share this one as well. Driving to pick up Laine from preschool something reminded Cannon that he still wanted a dog. He told me that one of the reasons he wants a dog is so that when he lives in his own house someday then he will have a friend with him. Then he said, "and also when I don't have a home and have to stand on the corner by the freeway then I'll still have a friend with me." We had just passed the freeway on-ramp where there is always a homeless person standing with a sign.

We reached a stop light as he finished this sentence so I turned around and patted his knee and said that he will never have to be homeless, that if he doesn't have a place to live then he can come and stay with us. He asked if that was okay even if he was a grownup and I assured him that yes, he can come and stay with us, and the dog too. And then I thanked the Lord for the good family that I come from and that my husband comes from because I know that they would take us in, we wouldn't have to stand on the corner. And I felt sad and wondered where the families of those homeless people are, what happened to them and why can't they go home to somebody? So many stories...

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Lark said...

Sweet Cannon - bless his heart.