Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stop Time

Tomorrow these boys start school! They are both more anxious and nervous than excited. Ridge starts at a new school this year and Cannon starting kindergarten, taking the bus for the first time, my heart is nervous for them too. But I am happy for their opportunities and as much as I want to stop time and let them just have more summer and keep them little longer, I love seeing them grow and learn and it makes me happy and amazes me to see them progress. So I'll let them get on their different buses tomorrow, and I'll cry but try to put on a brave face as I watch them leave so I don't make them even more nervous.


Torrie said...

us moms are nervous too, maybe more than our kids...:}
i didn't cry till the bus pulled away, then i cried through out the day. at 11 i was ready to call it a 1/2 day and go get chastin. at 12 i wanted to drive by the play ground to be sure he was having fun.
this mom thing is tough
and ridge sure looked like he had a wonderful first day at his new school!!!
was cannons as great?
and how was having just the girls home? or did laine start pre school today too?

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

Oh Torrie! You're so sweet..Im not even sure if I cried more when she got off the bus from so much relief that she was HAPPY.
Why is Ridge starting at a new school?

kelly said...

don't you wish you could freeze time?
but then there's the days that feel like they never end...
i have to admit i cried a little today. but i was expecting more of a breakdown after the panic i've been feeling all summer.