Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quidditch Practice

videoRidge came up with this contraption last week. I tied the rope to the tree and he thought of the rest. All the kids have enjoyed it.

As Ridge is getting older I feel more and more that he is not just my child, not just Eric's child, but God's child. I can see in him traits from me and traits from his dad but he is talented in ways that we did not give him and I see that these are gifts from God and it makes me feel so blessed to have the privilege of being his mom.


Torrie said...

love that! what a great idea, it looks like so much fun!

Team Biddle said...

I love this post...I've always felt like Noah was "on loan" to me from Heavenly Father. But that he belongs to him.


Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

I love what you said too...put so beautifully it could almost be poetry. Ridge sure is coming into himself isn't he?

Lark said...

Very sweet post about Ridge!