Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last week in pictures

This is what happens to your head when you fall off the couch and land on a Transformer. Just one of the many perils of having older brothers.
Making cookies. We do this once a week. Sommer is now a regular helper and now our mess ratio has been multiplied by 3.
Sommer has enjoyed blackberry season. At soccer practice and at games Eric has helped her eat dozens and dozens of berries. They've been good buddies.
Ridge's soccer game was played in the rain this week. Our second game, and the first of many more rainy ones to come. Someone asked me if we cancel because of the rain. Ha ha. We'd never have a season if that were the case. The kids didn't seem to mind the rain, it looks like fun. We own two child-size umbrellas and none for adults. I think we need to invest in some of those huge ones this year.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to pack my bags for Hawaii!


kelly said...

how fun is that to say?!

i love how you all make cookies once a week. what a wonderful tradition. i wish i could make a batch of cookies each week and stay as skinny as you...

Torrie said...

we do that too!
and i wish i could GET as skinny as you! and stiil eat cookies!
and how is your house always so clean? there is nothing on any surface in your kitchen...
have fun in the aloha state!
i know you'll have a blast!
don't forget the hard rock cafe is there and has lots of different dishes made just for hawaii!

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

I like the week in pictures idea..I think I should do that from time to time.
Skinniness WILL not happen if I do the cookie thing- even if I give them away, I will still eat half them.
Hilarious about cancelling because of the rain, hahahaa
Big Umbrellas tho- great idea. They're great for blocking the wind too!

Alexis said...

We are loving blackberry season too- Evan keeps trying to pick his own from the baby bjorn as Derek picks. Luckily, Evan's arms just aren't quite long enough.

-::bee::- said...

I know you've already left for the sunshine and the beaches, but I really hope you enjoy your time there! Bring back a suntan for me. :)