Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belonging Home

For the first time in our 7 years of living here, I feel like this is where I'm from. It was a realization that came to me after we returned home from our 3 weeks on the road. This time when we returned it was more than just coming home to our house, more than getting back to the routine of things, it was coming home to where we belong, where we're from. I drank the delicious water, and breathed in the wet air and felt a stirring in me that I thought would never come from the Seattle area. I've never felt like I've been from anywhere other than Claremont, California. I was raised there and every time we vacationed there I felt like I was returning home. I won't say that come February I will be happy to report that it is raining every day and I'm so glad that I still have my roots in California so that we can still vacation there and I can show my children all the fun that comes from living in the sunshine state, and I can't say that we won't ever grow out of our house and move away from Seattle but I will say that this is finally where I'm from and it's nice.
btw - Seattle is having a gorgeous September. Wish you were here!


Torrie said...

we ARE having a beautiful september! i'm loving having the heat off, the doors open, and still being able to slip on some flip flops and go!
and i'm glad you belong here!
and although it is thoughtless of me...i do hope that we always remain just a corner walk away from eachother! and always manage to meet up at the bus stop with all our many children!:)

Lark said...

I guess it means that we are growing up. People here ask where I'm from and I say we moved here from AZ. If the conversation continues I mention that I grew up in CA, but it does feel different now. I feel like I have lived in the desert so long (although its only been 6 or so years) that I am a desert girl.
Glad that the weather is cooporating for you and that you are enjoying life there. I remember when you guys moved there and it seemed like such the right fit for your family. Hope the good vibes continue through the winter!

kelly said...

paige, i'm so happy you feel this way. it makes it so much easier to be happy when we feel at peace with our current situation.
and i've always been worried you would leave me!
so maybe i have a few more years...