Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baby Shoes

These little Nikes have been worn by each of my children now. They are still so sturdy and seem to be so comfortable. Sommer's little feet are so chubby! I was trying shoes on her at Target yesterday and there were a couple of pairs that I couldn't get on her foot at all. I did find her a pair of mary janes that will be cute this fall at church and around the yard but they can't be as comfortable as these sweet shoes -- even though they are cuter.

btw - this picture was taken at the top of our driveway. We were waiting for Cannon to get home from school and whenever we are standing here Sommer constantly has a rock in her mouth. I'll get her to spit it out but then she always has an extra one in her hand that she promptly puts into her mouth. She is a busy girl these days.


Gerald said...

Have a look on Clifford James they do a vast variety of formal shoes, casual shoes, trainers, sneakers. Hope you find them!

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

Every time I see a pair of expensive kiddy shoes I just get sick. I always say- who the heck is stupid enough to spend that kind of money for a pair of little kids shoes?? But then I see this and it TOTALLY makes sense to me. If they are still good shoes and they can be worn by 4 kids or more, then those shoes are more than worth it..you have made me gain a testimony of expensive kids shoes.

kelly said...

hee hee.
i love how she carries a "spare".
she looked so cute in these shoes and her dress toddling around the playground at soccer practice last night.
so "sporty spice"!

curly girl said...

love the socks!