Sunday, September 07, 2008

1st Days

All ready for the first day of school! The boys were both so anxious but had enough happiness in them to smile for the picture. Even Sommer was excited to get back to the bus stop routine.
Cannon's nerves really got to him and he almost cried while we were waiting for the bus to come. We had to move bus stops for the first week -- this one was 3.5 blocks away -- and that didn't help him feel any less nervous. But he got on the bus without tears and made it through the day. Thankfully, the transportation department didn't call me crazy for not wanting to trek an additional 2 blocks and they fixed our dilemma so we'll be back at our old stop for the rest of the year. Ridge started at a new school, he tested into our district's highly capable program, and he was just as nervous to get on a new bus this year. His closest bus stop was the one farther away and it intersected with the next stop for Cannon's bus. They moved Ridge's stop up to our old one so they'll intersect there instead. A bit confusing to have the busses come to the same stop but it will all work out.
Laine started preschool the day after the boys. She goes 2 mornings a week. She loves it and is so happy that she finally gets to go to preschool too! She's watched the boys go all her life and has been waiting for her turn. She has asked me more than once why she can't go to preschool everyday like the boys go to school everyday. She's going to have a great year.
Cannon was happy to jump off the bus and be home. He did have a great day. First he told me a tall tale about his day that involved everything but going inside his classroom. I replied that it sounded like a fun time then he said, "okay, now I'll tell you what we really did." He was still reluctant to go back to school the next morning but he did it without tears or tantrums. He is going to be super excited that we get to be at our normal bus stop again.
And isn't this a happy picture? Ridge got off his bus and had a smile on his face. He happily greeted the girls then sat on Cannon (we picked him up in the van). So far so good. He hasn't complained and I know if he didn't like it he would find something negative to say about his experience. I'm really excited for this school year for him and I think he is now too.


Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

That picture of Ridge coming of the bus is so GREAT! I totally agree that he should be doing a "highly capable" program, thats really exciting. Im so excited for Laine too! I really should do something like that for Kate, she wants to be with other kids so much.

Shannon said...

Paige, your kids are all so beautiful! And isn't it just the best feeling to see them finishing the day with a smile on their faces? Joe has always had big-time back to school nerves, so I share your joy that all the "newness" went well.

kelly said...

i'm so glad you got all the bus issues resolved. that's such a headache!
and i'm super happy that ridge seems to like school so far. he really has an awesome teacher.
nothing is more heartbreaking than sending your kids off each day to a place they're not happy at.

Torrie said...

well i'll be glad to be standing with you at the bus stop again [when i go]!
i'm glad the 3 school goers had a fantastic time, and i bet your glad to have a little peace with sommer during the day.
see you in the morning!

Team Biddle said...

Those look like some happy kiddos.

I love Laine's tights!

Platteborze Possy said...

I love both of Laine's outfits!!! Your girls are always so beautiful! I'm glad Ridge is enjoying his creative mind can go to work! topic, would Eric ever want to ride with Brett? He keeps bugging me about it! Miss you guys!

Pamela said...

Aw, precious memories Paige! I had heard about the highly capable program for your boy. That's so exciting. My Stephanie was in that and thrived.

Hey, thanks for the Primary Olympics on Saturday. My Ash had so much fun!

mindy said...

Laine is so adorable (they all are) but I love her early sense of style...she looks adorable with her handbag around her neck. She might just be starting something new there.
So three kids in school huh?! Whatcha doin' with yourself?

curly girl said...

I've always had a hunch that Ridge would be in a high-cap program! How does he like it? I'm proud of Cannon for being so brave and hopping on that bus, too! And don't even get me started on CUTE Laine's ensembles! What did Sommer think w/her playmates all gone?

I hope it's all timed so she takes a nap at some point when they're all gone! Heaven!