Friday, August 29, 2008

Potty Prize

Right before our vacation began Laine finally finished potty-training. Just like her brother before her, I never thought it would happen. One of the incentives we gave her was that she could get a trike when she finally succeeded but we ended up with a bike instead. She is so happy riding her little bike. She's asked to go to the park everyday so that she can ride her bike -- our driveway isn't very exciting.
And this picture is included because she looked so sad, she thought her bike would be stuck at the top of the stairs forever.
And this little munchkin made a disgusting mess today. She didn't eat very much of her breakfast and then was squawking and reaching to get out of her chair so I got her out, took off her pjs and diaper and let her wander in her onesie because my toast had just popped up and I wanted to eat. I did, and then went and found Sommer who was standing in our room, right by my side of the bed in her mess of poop that she had just made. Mess. Yuck. So I hosed off Sommer in the tub, washed it down and then Laine and Sommer took a bubble bath while I cleaned my carpet. Oxy Clean worked and Febreeze helped too.


curly girl said...

Potty training is my nemesis. It is seriously one reason I am glad I can't have any more kids...I just don't think I could go through it again! Now, if you could just get Sommer to go in the right place, you'd really have something, wouldn't you?!

Good job, Laine! You have a great bike! Our girls don't think our driveway is too exciting, either, so they like to go to the church parking lot. But yours might be a little too exciting...wheeeeee!

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

Those pictures..Oh I love them. Poopy mess makes me a totally psycho and then once its all over with, I feel like an idiot because it wasn't really THAT bad. Grr..being a mom is a head trip, isn't it?
Laine looks adorable on her cool bike and Im SO happy for you that she is finally potty trained!

em said...

fun pictures. yay for potty training. i have lived with my sisters when they have potty trained their kids. yikes! it's tough.

K. Laura said...

Yeah! She's potty trained! Just in time for you to start cleaning up the poopy messes of the next one. Cute bike! Although Ella CAN go on the potty, she's not really interested in doing it regularly, and since she's only 20 months old, I'm not going to pull my hair out trying to train her--even though her older sister trained at 20 months. They are each unique.

kelly said...

lainie looks so tall on that bike!
hurray for the potty training!
right in time for preschool.

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