Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

Design Mom declared today "Nie Nie Day." This event marks all that is wonderful about the blogging world. Like many, I didn't know Nie Nie personally (she is one of those blogs I love to read by a person I do not know), I started a blog because my friend Tricia started a blog who started a blog because of Stephanie. I loved peeking into her world, it was always so colorful and happy, and she calls her husband Mr. Neilson like she just popped out of a Jane Austen novel, I loved that detail.

And I've thought of her often in these last few weeks, reading the updates about her condition and recovery and that of her husband on her sister's blog. And I've sighed during the day thinking about her in the hospital and remembering what she is enduring and then said a prayer in my heart because that is almost all I can do. I don't know her, but I do. Blogging can separate us because we can just sit at our computers and create entries and never make human contact. But then it unites us and gives us soulmates and sisters because we get to peek into the lives of so many and we realize that we are not alone in our feelings and thoughts and we get to be inspired and see the best and worst of friends and strangers.

So today there is this wonderful silent auction on Design Mom to benefit Stephanie "Nie Nie" and her family. And I love it because it allows so many to come together as a human family and support our sister and her little brood and it allows us to do something and allows us to hope that Nie Nie and her husband will be okay, that we'll get to see the world again through her eyes.

I'm hoping to find some Christmas and birthday gifts through the many silent auctions that are going on today. I put up a donate button on the side to remind myself, and you, that even after today this family will need all the help that we can give them. And now that I've said my peace about this I might be able to get back to blogging on my own.


Team Biddle said...

I have been so impressed by Nie Nie Day. I don't know her either, but found her through my friend Kelly in Utah. She has touched so many people...I love that we can all try and help. It fills my heart with joy at the service.

(I've already been outbid many times on the items I want!) So great!

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

What a wonderful post..I love reading the things you write- you have such a beautiful way of putting your feelings and really, our feelings too, in writing. I love the blogging biz and Im so grateful that Torrie asked me to start a blog in the first place.
I'll go check out the auction now and see what this is all about.