Thursday, August 14, 2008

Healthy Appetite

We've been enjoying the California sunshine in as many ways as possible -- I did hear that Seattle is sunny and hot this week as well, how lovely. Yesterday we went to the beach and we've been swimming a lot, crashing the pools of friends in the area.

Sommer ate plenty of sand at the beach, enough to make her a bit sick, spitting up like a baby again. Today at the pool, Sommer was done earlier than the other kids and was wandering around the yard, pacifier in mouth. My mom was there chatting with her friend and I was in the pool with the kids and we were both keeping an eye on Sommer's wanderings, but not close enough. I noticed that Sommer picked something off the ground and then spit out her pacifer after her examination to give it a taste. I thought it was a pinecone but imagine my horror to find that it was actally a small piece of dog poop. I don't think she actually ate much of it but just that she had it in her fingers and touched it with her tounge, oh so yucky.

Then this afternoon she came wandering down the hall with a long piece of wettish toilet paper in her hand. I ran back to the bathroom to find lots of little wet toilet paper bits strewn around the open toilet lid, bowl full of pee. She had obviously swished around in the disgusting pee water. So even though we learned from Bear Grylls that you can drink your urine in desparate desert heat situations and we are in the desert and it is hot, I do not feel better about her fishing expedition.

And then this evening she was holding the diaper cream and opened the lid and finally got a little taste of it, she has tried to taste it so many times already and I'm usually quick enough to stop her from eating it. I guess I'm worn out from too much vacation!

Somehow she is healthy, no thanks to me. I'll let you know if that status changes in the middle of the night.


mindy said...

Sounds like Sommer has an ironclad stomach.
I love your comment about learning from Bear Grylls that you can drink your own urine. I saw that episode and was disgusted beyond belief. He's nuts!
I hope Sommer remains healthy despite her interest in all things exotic.

Davidsonfieldville said...

That Mindy comment is sooo Mindy, it makes me miss her :)
I have heard about babies like this and thank goodness , mine never were but oh'd have to keep her locked in a cage to keep her safe and she'd still find a way to put something in her mouth! My girls have their issues sister in law always says that if America had not been discovered, my girls would have discovered it. They get into everything and break it, rearrange it, misplace it..whatever they can do to DISCOVER (and destroy) wonder Im always stressed out about my messy house.