Friday, July 11, 2008

Ridiculous Garden

This is the patch of garden that ended up growing this year. Every time I walk out to water I think "ridiculous garden" because it just looks so ridiculous though I am pleased that some things actually grew. This patch of grass was dead because the Land Cruiser was parked there for a while. So we brought in some dirt and made the garden. After we planted everything it snowed, twice. I didn't think that anything had survived so I was pleasantly surprised when plants started to grow! It was going to be a lovely little garden but it ended up looking just scraggly. If I had known the peas would be so happy I would have staked them better. I just didn't think they'd do so well so I used sticks and some poles from an old portable crib but they really weren't suitable for the task. Oh well. The peas grew anyway. The corn, cucumbers, pumpkins and basil didn't survive. A lady from church gave me some strawberry plants from her garden but they haven't liked my yard very much. The sweet pea flowers are growing right now and they are so lovely. We planted a lot more of them and now I'm wishing they all grew in, they smell so delicious. And when Ridge was planting the carrots he decided to just pour in all of the seeds. As they were coming up I tried to thin them out but it proved impossible for me and my gardening skills so I decided they'd just be pretty plant fronds instead of good carrots to eat so they are really there for show now. By the end of the summer we should have some sunflowers and tall stalks of dill. Laine has enjoyed picking and eating the peas -- that in itself has made the garden worth having. We'll just have to hope for better weather next year.


Davidsonfieldville said...

My entire garden consists of 3 raspberry plants and 4 tomato plants. Oh, yah, I do have one stalk of green onion. Oh, and the tomato plants are in baby swimming pools because I didn't want to commit to using actual ground. I feel pretty ridiculous. I do have a few berries tho, right on! We planted the tomatoes when it was so cold out (in May) that I couldn't feel my hands by the time we got back inside. What a place we live in.

K. Laura said...

I love it! That you acutally have SOME degree of difficulty with gardening even in Seattle gives me comfort in all my woes with it here in Cbad.