Thursday, July 17, 2008

Passing the summer days...

Using watercolor paints on his face instead of on paper. He wanted to be a tiger for a while. Cannon had a great time painting his own arms and legs and it passed some time.
Hiding Laine in all the stuffed animals.
Cannon wanted a turn too.
Enjoying the sun at the beach. Sommer ate sooo much sand this day, but she had a wonderful time.
This little bird few into our house and it was quite an adventure getting it to fly the right way to escape. I think it nearly had a heart attack because it finally gave up and sat very still on one of Laine's toys while I set the toy out the window.


pcsolotto said...
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Davidsonfieldville said...

so many great photos..I don't know which one to love more. The bird one is really cool tho. Laine really does look like a little doll with all of those stuffed animals!

Torrie said...

i hate those stupid comments like you just got 2 of! i just delete them!

anyway- cannons got the right idea! shilo would have loved doing that! chastin gets bored in the late afternoon with this whole summer thing, he was telling me how much everything sucks yesterday. just as we were walking to greenlake to play in the wadding pool. i remember not having ANYTHING to do, and no one ever took me the zoo, lake, beach concerts and so on. i wish i was bored like him as a kid -getting to do all those things!

as for the bird- i would have cried and left till john came home to get it out! you know i'm afraid of them. the whole flying-pooping thing just grosses me out!

Lark said...

What a pretty bird! Cute pic of Cannon :)
By the way, Afton has been growing her hair out so she can be just like Laine! Its getting there...hopefully she doesn't have a scissors moment again.