Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One more month of zero

When people ask Cannon and Laine how old their baby sister is they always reply that she is zero. Only one more month of being zero! How fast the time goes by. Last year at this time I was pregnant, getting bigger everyday, grunting everytime I had to bend over, wondering if we were going to have a girl or a boy. And now Sommer has been in our lives for almost a year. So much happens during this first year. I have a walking, talking baby girl. Life truly is a miracle.
Sommer's big discovery this month is the pacifier. She hasn't used one until just these past few weeks. I've left them in her crib and she finally started putting them in her mouth. The one in this picture is actually a newborn one that has been in her toy box but I guess even that one will do for her. It does make her quieter. I think she is awake from her nap right now but she just pops her pacifier in her mouth then plays with her stuffed animals and books that are in her crib, the most content little camper. One of my favorite moments with her this month was when we were outside and she looked at me and flapped her little hand and said, "hai" then turned around and started walking away and then waved and said, "bye bye." Such a smart little cookie.

In this picture she is modeling the dress I got her for the wedding. All the little nieces are wearing white dresses. I don't think I'll keep it though. I am not used to seeing the girls without sleeves since it is never really hot enough around here. It was a steal at the BabyGap sale though. I'll mull it over for a few more days.


Torrie said...

it is a way cute dress with her chunky little arms hanging out!
i think i'd keep it.
she really is getting so big!
in church i was watching her walk all around and hold her own when someone wanted what she was looking cute!

{want to have one for me?}jk

templework said...

She's just as cute as can be!!!

We had a LOT of sweet clothes given to us -so I always just layered a little light weight undershirt or T-shirt
under the sleeveless dresses (my own included)or you can use a fancier blouse if you want dressier - turns them into a cute 'jumper' instead of a sleeveless dress - smile.

kelly said...

yes, those arms are darling!
what a funny girl, just starting the binky.
love her!

Team Biddle said...

Ah the binky...we are fans of it here! That is funny...

I love those little daily miracles that you see at age zero. So special.