Friday, June 06, 2008

Hibernation Time

So here we are, prepping for summer with a lot of clouds and a lot of rain. It does rain often here, and it is often cloudy (Stephenie Meyer didn't set the Twlight series in the Northwest for nothing) but this is feeling just ridiculous. I'm feeling so sleepy and blah, my kids seem to have a bit of weather blues too. Laine almost cried this morning when I opened her curtains and the sun wasn't shining, again. I have the heater going, still.

And everyone is talking about it. I overhear conversations wherever I am lately of people talking about wearing their winter boots, feeling so cold, keeping the sweaters out of storage, wondering when it will feel like summer. Do I attribute this to golbal warming? I've mentioned before that we didn't really have a summer last year so it has felt like one, long rainy year. I wasn't so sad about it last year since I was great with child and the weather didn't contribute to feeling uncomfortable. Usually I tell people that you can't trade the Seattle summer for any other place because the weather is just perfect. I sure hope it warms up to my expectations again soon. I read another blog where she talked about her kids having "the coops" because they were cooped in the house from the triple digit temperatures. Often these days I look up at the vast gray sky and think, I know it is sunny somewhere! Have I made you depressed yet?
Wind: SE at 3 mph
Humidity: 98%
52° | 47°
Chance of Showers
58° | 45°
Chance of Showers
61° | 45°
58° | 47°


Tricia said...

That makes me want to cry just reading that. I think I would go insane. Seriously.

Come visit!

Torrie said...

that says it all! and i'm w/ you on the heat still being on, and i wore a sweater-inside-all day today! it's just sick!
each day of june i say "well look at that, june ** and it's STILL raining!!!!! i think my kids could use some sun too!
btw: school moved chastins field trip because the park got rained out!

Davidsonfieldville said...

boo hooooooo!! Im so SICK of it!!

Team Biddle said...

I know, its killing me. Noah cries when the door opens and I won't let him go outside.

Come on summer!!! Or come on September, so we can get the heck outta here and hit the beach!

Lark said...

Good thing you have great Hawaii and CA plans coming up. That is depressing.

curly girl said...

I'm so with you. Doesn't help that I spent today on a bus on the third grade field trip, which had to be cut short b/c we couldn't exactly eat our lunches at a park or anything else they had planned. I told P tonight, "This is the first day that I am honestly MAD that it is STILL RAINING!" I've been a good sport so far, but this is really pushing it! So, E & I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. At least that's something I wouldn't do if it were 85 degrees!

I tell people all the time, "We can put up with the Seattle winters b/c the summers are incredible." HUMPF.

Audrey said...

I have to keep telling myself "this is way everything is sooo green." Hang in there.....

Paige said...

It is so nice to have all this support in the comments section! I'm sorry that we all have to rally around the weather like this but how great to have friends on the blog.

I do feel lucky to have some trips to look forward to in the coming months.

I do hope to plan an east coast trip in the next few years, Tricia, so if you're still there we'll take you up on the visiting offer. Eric's grandma lives in Florida and we just need to plan that trip...