Friday, June 13, 2008

Coach Joan

I bought Women's Marathon Mix vol. 1 off itunes this week and I'm so glad. When I listened to a few songs after the download I thought I had made a mistake; I didn't recognize any of the songs and I wasn't sure I really liked them. But when I listened on my ipod while running the sweet voice of Joan kept coaching me along the way. It isn't constant coaching, she gives you tidbits between most of the songs in the 30 minute song set that are so valuable. As I was making my way home, going up the long, gradual incline to my house, she reminded me to look up and ahead. Just that reminder helped so much and it was at the perfect time during my run. And after listening a few times, I even like the music though I wonder if Joan really selected all of it or if it was part sponsor selected. It works anyway. I might even purchase vol. 2 -- but not because I'm planning on running a marathon any time soon, just to have something else to listen to and more advice.

In general the Nike+ running thing is great, but I've had a few times when the sensor doesn't read correctly, I'll press the center button to hear my stats and it has me running at this incredible speed that I've never in my life achieved. I think my pace has gone from snail to speedy snail in the past little while but I'm not a racer anymore. I am going to do intervals tomorrow -- wish me luck, and a good night's sleep.

I was set to run again this morning, just something easy, but then Sommer had the worst night ever. She woke up crying and I made her a bottle but then she only slept for half and hour before she was crying again. Since she wasn't wailing we just let her cry but she continued on for 30 minutes before falling asleep again. That didn't last very long though. She woke up again and this time was wailing. I picked her up this time and she kept crying so we went out to the couch and watched tv. She sat still on my lap and eventually fell asleep, at 3:30am. I was watching the Top Chef finale that I missed and decided that another 20 minutes less of sleep wasn't going to matter so I finished watching it to see who won. As I was holding Sommer the thought crossed my mind that I'd probably be running a leg of the Rainier to Pacific relay at that time of night and how I felt soooo not ready for that! Yikes!

So I didn't get up to run this morning. Sorry coach.


Davidsonfieldville said...

I wouldn't have gotten up either..we aren't exactly superhuman ALL the time, hee hee. Its nights like that when I pat myself on the back for not getting rid of dish- its such a nice thing to have when you need the distraction the most.
That cd sounds so cool- but Im not a runner so I wasn't sure who Joan was. Who is she?

Paige said...

Joan Benoit Samuelson was the winner of the 1st women's marathon in the Olympics, in the 80s, '84 I think? She is just this incredible person who is also an incredible runner. The link is to a slideshow about her that was made for her 50th birthday. I hope I can be like her someday, not win any marathons, but just be like her as a person.