Monday, June 09, 2008

Babe-o Turns 10 Months

Littlest sister turned 10 months today. Ridge wanted to take a picture with her because they were both wearing orange tops and blue pants. He is a great big brother and he loves his sister.
Sommer is standing a lot on her own now and is getting more confident about taking steps everyday. She has taken a few steps on her own, 2 or 3 at a time. She had my cell phone in her mouth and then it popped out right as I snapped the photo. She is sometimes reluctant to let go of my fingers and stand so it was hard to get a picture of her balancing. She does it best when she doesn't know she is doing it -- she'll hold a toy in both hands and think that she is hanging on to something supportive.
Sommer prefers to have her afternoon snack while standing at the table in the nook, just being like one of the big kids. She is a good eater, was weaned last week and is taking bottles like a champ. It was only a few short months ago that she wouldn't take a bottle at all and now here she is, drinking them on her own if we let her. This first year goes by so quickly and they learn so much in these 12 months. It is a miracle.
Today's snack was peas (that Ridge left on the table because he didn't want to eat them in his Top Ramen) and Froot Loops. She is examining the paint on the table left over from the boys' project yesterday, those precious chubby arms and hands with skin so perfectly soft.

Sommer's favorite new discovery is the stairs. She has figured out every part of the house and will start up the stairs every chance she gets. I often say to her these days, "No Legos for babe-os" because she puts them in her mouth so often. The other day, Cannon had the Lego bin downstairs, one of those giant plastic storage bins, and Sommer was reaching inside and she fell in, head first. He yelled that she had fallen in and went on with what he was building, so I came running. She was probably trying to reach a wheel, those are her favorites to pop in her mouth if she can find one in the pile. It was a funny picture, little legs sticking up in the air, she was too scared to kick them around. She remains a curious, happy baby and we love her to pieces.


Davidsonfieldville said...

Its so wonderful to see this sweet baby grow up. I feel like I know her better than any of your kids because we've watched so much of her over the last year. Im so happy for you, so many wonderful things..even if the weather won't cooperate :)

Laura said...

10 months--WOW! Those first few years go by so fast. They grow and change so much that after only a few months you feel like, Where did my baby go? They try and be big so fast! She is a beautiful girl with a great smile!

Team Biddle said...

Happy 10 months!!!!

Lark said...

Love those cute blue pants! And Ridge looks so much like you - its amazing. Cute picture of those 2.
I love the description of the legs sticking out of the box and Cannon returning to his work...pretty funny.

Alexis said...

ten months already! I feel like I was just reading about her being 9 months old. She seems to bring alot of joy and sunshine to your family- so Sommer is well-named.

Lynne said...

What sweet pictures, Paige! She's so darling with her cute little round face. Isn't it tender to see how big brothers can be with a baby around? I can't wait for your visit next month!