Monday, May 26, 2008

tv and movies

As I put the laundry on the bed I was thinking that there wasn't anything on tv to watch while folding, but I was wrong! So You Think you can Dance has started again! I like watching the show, not the biggest fan obviously because I would have known it had started. I love the emcee gal, I wish I could look like Cat. Her hair looked so gorgeous. I suppose mine would too though if I had people doing it for me. Did you see that guy with the gold mask? Why didn't his mother tell him that once you're older than 8 you can't just wear a mask whenever you want to and be taken seriously? He must not have told her what he was doing.

I rented a few movies to watch while Eric was away. 27 Dresses was a good one, fun to watch and I'm glad that I didn't make Eric sit through it with me. He probably would have fallen asleep. And the other one was called Griffin and Phoenix -- not terrible but not the escapist movie that I was hoping for since it is about two people with terminal cancer. I only looked at the rating when I picked it up, didn't read the description because I was just trying to get out of the video store quickly. I saw that Amada Peet and Dermot Mulrooney were in it and I like both of them as actors and thought that I was getting another romantic comedy. I did wonder why I had never heard of it before. Turns out (it says in the link) that the movie was made a couple of years ago and never made it to the big screen in the States, it went to Lifetime channel instead. That says a lot about a film, doesn't it? So I stayed up too late both nights and then the second night I added a few tears to that so I was feeling pretty tired this morning when I heard the girls wake up at 6:30.


Davidsonfieldville said...

hahaha..that dude in the mask is awesome. Shannon was just telling me yesterday that she flipped on the tv while she was folding laundry and ended up watching that show too! Makes me wonder how many ladies were folding laundry, watching this dancing show...
I really liked 27 dresses too- not much of a dude movie -I agree but I was totally enamored with the dude IN the movie!

Lark said...

sometimes on parkers call nights i stay up later than usual. Why? I don't know. I always regret it the next morning then have to tell myself all day that i did watch a great show (or something like that).
I am totally hooked to SYTYCD! I skipped book club so I could watch it (well, also because parker was working and Linds was gone, so I couldn't go anyway!)