Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This mom and her kids

I had a lovely Mother's Day. The kids and Eric made me breakfast, not to eat in bed, bought me a cake that the kids were so eager to share with me, and bought me a Japanese Maple. It has been Eric's tradition to get me a plant for Mother's Day and I was so excited to see the small tree in our house. I've wanted to put one in the yard for years now. What a blessing to be the mother of these beautiful souls.


curly girl said...

What GORGEOUS children you have...inside and out! I love your blog! And, wow, Ridge in a SUIT! He just needs a black nametag & he's ready to go!

Lark said...

You look so pretty and look at Sommer's headband :)
Can't wait to see pics of the Maple.

Tricia said...

You are gorgeous, the kids are adorable, and Japanese maples are fabulous.

Sounds like a great day to me!

Davidsonfieldville said...

what a nerd, Im already crying thinking of Ridge as a missionary..thanks curly girl!
I LOVE the pictures, you look so beautiful Paige and your kids are amazing! I love the post.