Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pictures of our week

Sommer has enough hair to copy "Jack Jack" as in Pixar's Jack Jack Attack.
Hairstyle by Ridge.

Cannon feeds Sommer her first slurps of Slurpie. I was helping Ridge with piano and so Cannon did his best at being big-brotherly. I'd say that's the makings of a good man if he is willing to part with bites of his desserts already.
The kids remembered the joys of banging pots and pans. Not my idea. I handed Sommer a small pot and lid to play with while I was in the kitchen and Cannon found her and decided that he needed to play with those toys too. Of course Ridge wouldn't be left out of this fun and Laine is always ready to join in the play. This was when I called Eric to ask him when he was coming home. He couldn't really hear me.
Eric took Ridge and Cannon to science night at Ridge's school. They made vegetable cars, among other things. Ridge called his a "cornosine" and Cannon's is a potato racer.


Davidsonfieldville said...

thats so cool- what a bunch of fun kids! I love the veggie idea, thats really cute. I really need to get my kids to something like that, they could use some good imagination time.

Lark said...

Pots and pans banging is fun! I love Cannon's wave :)