Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Laine adds to the funny sleeping

This is Laine asleep on the chair in front of the computer. The game she was doing on Playhouse Disney wasn't loading and I guess she decided to wait for it to load instead of choosing something different. I moved her to my bed so that she wouldn't be cramped when she woke up.

I know it sounds like I was neglecting her if she fell asleep there, and I was. I ordered Mighty Putty and was in the middle of using some of it on a few little things around the house and since it is an epoxy you need to use it before it hardens. Sommer was crying and crawling around my legs for half the time as well. I know, I know, I fell for the Mighty Putty guy's claims. But it does work. Our towel bars in our bathroom are mounted on the tile and the epoxy that we first used didn't hold up but so far this is doing the job. I keep thinking of little things around the house that need fixing that I can fix because I have Mighty Putty Power! The down side is that it smells bad.


Davidsonfieldville said...

Cute baby girl! She looks so much smaller all curled up there.
I have a sign I want to hang over my door and I thought of getting the mighty putty...I just didn't want it to not work like it said and fall on someone's noggin- its heavy..owch!

Lark said...

I am glad you bought mighty putty - I was thinking on the commercial that it sounded pretty good! I'm glad to hear it actually works.
I love how you were doing mighty putty and the girls were "making do." There are never enough hours in the day!