Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bright Sunshiney Day

I love to be outside mom! Don't you want to reach out and pinch all her chubbs?
Laine standing next to the Japanese Maple mothers day present. Laine and I chose more flowers for the front yard and planted them yesterday. She was quite a good helper and would have loaded our cart full of many more plants if I had let her.
Showing her dance moves.
And the reason I brought the camera outside -- to get a picture of Sommer's chubby-chub legs while she was doing her "bear walks" instead of regular crawling. I just get a kick out of watching her move around like this, chubbiness in the air, trying to avoid touching the grass and pavement with her knees. They do get red from her scooting adventures but she doesn't mind, she gets to be outside!
Eric and Ridge are in California helping my parents with a remodel of my grandma's house. Even though I only have three kids right now that didn't make church any easier. When Sommer got fussy at the end of sacrament meeting I finally had to leave but Laine had just kicked off her shoes and so she panicked, loudly, when I told her we needed to go out. Cannon followed close behind, I knew he would, saying, loudly, "Mom, where are you going?" Cannon told me he was good in class but he was quite awful for sharing time. By the time we got home I was tired and impatient and then later in the day I just was so tired of being touched and poked and climbed on. I feel bad when this starts to bother me, but sometimes I just need a little space for a while. I felt better towards the end of the day. Enjoying the sunshine always is a good mood-lifter. So is watching AFV with kids that like to laugh. Cannon and Laine both love to giggle, though tonight Cannon informed me that some of the videos are funny and some of them are hurting.


Pamela said...

Yes! I do want to pinch all her chubbs! What adorable children you have.

We too watched AFV last night and laughed our butts off.

Lark said...

Oh yeah - that sounds like every sunday to me. I totally know how you feel!