Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Gumby

Isn't it delightful to find babies and children asleep in funny positions? What was she doing? Perhaps playing with her beanie doggie even though she was really sleepy and so sleep just overcame her and she conked over? Wouldn't that be lovely, to be able to just take a nap whenever you felt sleepy? Just a short rest so that you could wake up smiling and kicking your legs, ready to finish your day, or at least ready to take on the day until it was time for your next nap. The world would be a better place if we all could just take more naps, whenever we felt like it, no questions asked.
Laine has been playing a game lately that she calls "shoelaces." She goes into our closet and plays with my shoes and jewelry and makeup and lotions. (Through a pocket door our walk-in closet is to the left, straight ahead is the toilet room and to the right is the shower/vanity/sink area.) I'm not sure what she imagines as she explores my trinkets, but it looks like fun so I just let her play. I always find at least one pair of my shoes by my bathroom sink and the jewelry that she wears or plays with changes every few days. I remember looking through my mom's jewelry and perfume and scarves as a little girl and thinking it was all so beautiful. It has been sweet to remember my childhood through my daughter's eyes.


Lark said...

Oh I love the funny sleep positions. Paul has some really good ones lately too!
And speaking of Paul, he was going through mom's jewelery this weekend...I loved going through the drawer of treasures too.

Davidsonfieldville said...

you could take that first half of the post and use it as a perfect little magazine article...thats so wonderful.
it brought back a lot of memories of my mom's trinkets too..thanks for reminiscing :)