Friday, May 09, 2008

9 Months!

This month Sommer has learned how to express more emotion. It is so amazing how babies learn to communicate. She has started making this face that shows she is not happy, kind of a worried, hurt face. She does it when something happens that isn't big enough to cry about, and she knows it, but she wants to show that she is unhappy or a little hurt. It is really cute even though she is being sad. And if I mimic the face back to her then she knows that I understand and she is okay. I need to capture the look on camera but haven't had the luck of the moment yet. She is also showing frustration with her siblings when they take something from her, but not all the time. For instance, tonight in the bathtub Laine took the washcloth away from her and Sommer did a mad little scream at her so Laine gave it back. How quickly she is learning to stick up for herself. We all adore this chubby darling.

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Lark said...

I love the chubby girl too! She is adorable.