Monday, May 05, 2008

1000 Words

I actually don't know how many words are in this post, I just forgot my camera this weekend and the "picture is worth a 1000 words" thing has been going through my head. So in lieu of photos, you get my descriptions of what photos I would have taken had I had our camera. Thanks in advance if you decide to plow through to the end.

photo #1
Lauren Cramer, my travel buddy. It would be a picture of Lauren smiling her sunny smile, or being a bit goofy, because that is how she is. Lauren and Adam donated some frequent flyer miles to me so I could fly down to Utah for Women's Conference at BYU last week. At the beginning of the year I was planning on going but then decided against it because it made me exhausted just thinking about finding care for my kids, the ones left behind and the one I had to take with me. But how could I refuse a free ride -- and it is really hard to say no to Lauren because she makes everything sound so great. So I found friends to take care of the children here and family to take care of Sommer and it all worked out. Lauren is great company, she is energetic and bubbly but not so much that you want to get away from her because she is also very real. Thanks Lauren, it was just what I needed.

photo #2
Nellie (as in Kent's girlfriend)
I got a message from Kent saying that Nellie, his girlfriend who everyone, even my dad, just adores, was at women's conference with her mom and her sisters and maybe I could find her -- just keep an eye out for a girl with two sisters and an older mom. Hmm, just about everyone walking around campus fit that description. But get this, Nellie found me! Kent was giving her a hard time about not finding me even though we had never met but she walked by and thought
"that looks like a Sommer" and she was right! How crazy is that? I was so impressed by her finding skills and then it turned out that she and Lauren lived in the same condo area for some time while at BYU. Small world. Nellie has a very happy countenance, great hair, and she is pretty. She seemed like an all-around great gal and I hope that soon "we shall call each other sister" and I write that even though I know that Kent is oh so sick of everyone asking him about that part of his life. She's a keeper.

photo #3 Aunt Sara
That is Sommer's Aunt Sara, my sister-in-law took care of Sommer one of the days I was away. I was worried because I had never left Sommer with a sitter for that long but she did great and of course Sara took wonderful care of her. Sara's home is very peaceful, no wonder Sommer was so happy. Thanks Sara, I actually only worried after I dropped her off, once I was at BYU I didn't think about her because I knew she was in good hands.

photo #4 Chez Blaser
I stayed at Sally's house for a couple of nights and Sally took care of Sommer on Friday. Sally also cooked me gourmet meals both nights and delicious breakfast on Saturday. I was so spoiled! Sushi and soba noodle toss and fresh fruit were awaiting me on Thursday night and Friday manacotti with fresh tomato sauce, garlic bread with artisan bread and asparagus. It was all so delicious to the eyes and palate. So I thank Sally for taking care of me and my baby.

photo #5 New babies
I had a free day to visit a friend and relation who just had babies. It was so nice to see the wee ones in person. Mindy's sweet little Lillian is just beautiful, like her other girls. I've missed Mindy a lot since she moved away and it is always so great to see my old friend. And Cammi's baby Max is already a perfect boy, in disposition and looks. Cammi has great music on her blog, dance away.

photo #6 the Equinox
Eric's mom was out of town and let me drive her fabulous car. I don't think I'd want to share it if it were my car so I was really grateful that she let me drive it around during my stay and saved me the trouble of getting a rental. If we could fit in one I'd start bugging Eric for a new car, I liked it that much, and I am not particular about cars at all. (I just want mine to be cleaned out and washed for me, yet another hint hint.) Marc and Cammi told me that there is another GM car like the equinox that seats more people but now I can't remember what it is called, just that they started making them in '07.

So if you read all the way to the end, you must like me a lot. Thanks. I like you a lot too.


Team Biddle said...

I really like you alot~I wish I could have spent more time with you and Lauren...and of course seen Mindy's beautiful baby.

Like you said...there is always Hawaii.

Torrie said...

cute post!
i'm glad you had fun and got to see the baby!

i have to say that i would have just bought a one time use camera, and been glad to not have to type all that out!

Tricia said...

I'm glad you got to get away!

I drove the Buick version (I think its an Enclave) for a few days while mine was in the shop and I really liked it! From my understanding, the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook are all similar and can seat up to 8.

Lauren said...

What a great post! I think I like the descriptions better than if there were pictures. I had such a great time with you! I am glad I am not too may have thought so if you knew me in high school. Liz Player can fill you in there!

Thanks again!!

Laura said...

Sounds like a great weekend--maybe next year we can go together--I could use a women's conference break every May. :-) I love the story of Nellie-she IS a great girl and so like her to pick you out of a crowd. She really is a sharp girl and so on the ball. How DID Kent snag her??? ;-)

Lark said...

I like you too and I think your descriptions were great - who needs a camera?
We'll have to get it together for next year - I would love to go.

Cammi said...

I learned more about your trip from your post than I would have if you just posted the pictures, so that was great! It was also great to see you and your sweet baby girl. And if you end up getting an Acadia before we do, I will be extrememly jealous!