Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break: Day 3

Sommer standing at the backyard "balance beam" that Eric made. Enjoying the sunshine and being outside like the big kids.
The big activity of Spring Break day 3 was to meet up with Eric after work and head down to IKEA. The boys needed dressers for their rooms. This trip went well enough. We've had worse trips to IKEA. I could have and would have liked to have spent more time and money in the store. We did find the dressers, a new duvet cover for Ridge's bed and a place to store shoes and coats for behind the front door.

The earlier part of the day we went to the park, sunny and cold here again, watched the first half of Enchanted again, played outside, made messes inside. Regular routine things.


Sally said...

Your kids are stinking cute! I wish Somner and Katie could be good friends - they smile the same! Plus, Katie could use some lessons on mobility (but with how curious she's been just rolling around, I'm counting my blessings she's not mobile yet!) The Easter Egg Hunt looked like fun. I hope you had a great spring break!

kelly said...

looks like you're having a fun week.
it's always a big production heading down to ikea. i'm glad it was successful for you!

Team Biddle said...

I love IKEA. I'm glad you are having a fun spring break!

K. Laura said...

beautiful picture of Lainey! She looks like such a sweet and happy girl.