Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break: Day 2

Day 2 of spring break was April 1st. Cannon's trick, with Eric's help, was to turn the milk blue. He was excited to drink it, Ridge refused, and Laine didn't care as long as it was chocolate flavored.

We headed to the Reptile Zoo in the morning with some friends. The "Reptile Man" did an assembly at Ridge's school and we saw him last summer at a park production. It is better as an assembly than actually going to his zoo. He does a great job of explaining the reptiles and telling jokes and this "zoo" isn't one of those where they worry about keeping the creatures in their natural habitats, it is full of cages with hardly anything in them. The kids enjoyed it well enough and it did get us out of the house. I was glad I had a coupon for one free admission.

After the zoo we drove to a shopping center that houses the Hanna Andersson outlet. The kids didn't cooperate for this store but then I bribed them with Cold Stone as a treat if they were good in the OshKosh outlet store. They were, which was great because we found Ridge the pants he needs (he has outgrown all his pants and they all have holes in the knees) and we found a few other things as well since they were having a great 70% off sale. I really should go back and get more sweatshirts for the boys for the fall. Oh, on the way to the outlets I recognized where in Woodinville we were and realized that there was a fun park nearby so we stopped there and played first. So far this week has been sunny and cold.

Eric was scheduled to get home late that night so the kids and I had a movie party and watched Enchanted for the first time. We all enjoyed it very much. It was a fun day.

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Torrie said...

we like the reptile man too- when he goes to the schools. your right that the zoo isn't as cool, but a good time just the same. shilo & chastin like that there is a two headed turtle there!
we spend time out there when we go berry picking, i find it to be a fun little day trip.

have you taken the kids to the Olympic Game Farm? kinda expensive with the whole ferry, gas & admission, but really cool!
we buy about 25 loaves of bread and go through twice, it would be a fun family day activity, and since you stay ihn your car, it doesn't matter if it's raining. {which i think is unavoidable in seattle} :)