Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break: Day 1

For our first day of spring break we finally decorated Easter eggs and had our hunt. I postponed our Easter, all the non-religious parts, until spring break so to give us something extra to do and in hopes of some drier weather so the kids could hunt outside. This also meant that I could buy the candy for 1/2 off at Target the day after Easter. (I kept a bag of dark chocolate peanut m&ms for myself and have been self-medicating with them.) I went a little overboard but at least we have candy for the week.
Ridge was in charge of sorting the plastic eggs and getting them matched up. He then decided to make a chart of how many of each color for each child. This took a good part of his time, he wrote out a list for each of them, but then when he got out the door and started finding eggs he threw the list on the ground and just went for all the candy he could get. If I had known he was going to do this I would have hidden them better. That was our main activity of the day, the rest of it seemed to be spent messing up the house and I was quite exhausted by the evening.


Torrie said...

i love how you are dating each day with an activity! i did that for winter break. i really look forward to having my kids all to myself, so i want to do something fun with them each day.
i too love the 1/2 price candy at target!

K. Laura said...

Happy Easter (finally!) You have such a great and practical perspective on life Paige. I love it. And I love that Ridge did all that sorting, charting, graphing. Sounds like something Luke would do. School is great in that way: it teaches kids stuff that helps keep them busy at home.