Friday, April 04, 2008

The rest of spring break

Forgot my camera on these outings.

Day 4: trip to DI to donate and to buy a few new-to-us treasures.
late afternoon outing to Richmond Beach
(since it was our warmest day of the week at 55ish)
we just played in the sand and Eric brought us McDonalds when he got home.

Day 5: outing to the Scratch Patch to sift for treasures.
It was a little crowded since it is spring break, but the kids really enjoyed the experience.

Eric has to work tomorrow but I didn't plan for a Day 6. This week has made me realize that I need to start making plans for our summer right now! And it has made me see the wisdom in the summer organization my mom did for us while growing up.

1 comment:

Torrie said...

sorry i missed the scratch patch, it looks really cool!
i love when john brings us home dinner, even if it's left over catering from work.
you are such a good mom to find something fun for each day,
and now you can rest up for summer time.
p.s you all should come berry picking with us this summer, we go about twice a month:)