Monday, April 07, 2008

Pep Talk, Please!

Sommer had a fussy night, woke up around 5:30 so I fed her then decided that I would go for that run (Eric was already up exercising). I had checked the window and it didn't look like it was raining so I got ready to go. It was raining when I stepped out the door, minuscule icy plinks on my skin. But I wasn't about to go back inside, especially since my ipod gal was already telling me, "press the center button to begin your workout." So I reluctantly began and I was just thinking to myself the entire time how much I didn't like running at the crack of dawn through the cold and rain. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am not a die-hard runner, especially long distance. I only started running distance many moons ago because Justin Simon told me that my 400m time would be better if I ran cross country. So I did. And here I am today, glad that I'm still running but not happy about it. I do still belong to the gym but I despise treadmill running, even with music. So I need some happy comments, words of pep for my pessimistic feet. I'm doing this because I have plans to be a good runner again by July but I'm going to need a lot better attitude to get there.

Actually, what I really need is some sunshine, warm sunshine, free time and a babysitter so that I don't have to run at the crack of dawn in the cold rain. But I think I can only find that in a different state.


Davidsonfieldville said... painful..thats a hard one for me too. I guess my only words of encouragement would be that there has NEVER been a time when I went out running that I didn't feel great by the time I was getting home. It didn't seem to matter that it was freezing out because I was warm by then, my day went better and I LOVED the fresh air. Even when its horrible out- and it often is around here- it seemed to become more beautiful and wonderful as the minutes passed.
On the other hand- I looooove my Zumba class. I pay $3-5 per visit because of the need for child care but I don't care because I love it so much. Maybe you could find something like that just to switch up the routine?
Ryan hates running indoors too..HATES it.
Now I need to go find the blog you were mentioning. The name sounded really familiar. A girl from my old ward in Pomona found my blog and as it turns out- Kristen R. was her v.teacher when they lived in Utah! Its been fun checking in to her life, what a fun person.
I loved your comment to my cool quote. You have such a beautiful, poetic and profound way of saying things.

Davidsonfieldville said...

I was looking for that person's blog that you mentioned on your links list and wanted to know who "honest to goodness Rebecca" was..since she did after all have my name and it was ME! Yes, my honesty gets me in trouble sometimes but I take it as a great compliment so THANK YOU.

mindy said...

I would encourage you to move to another state, specifically Utah, and I will gladly watch your bounty of children while you run any time of the day that you would like. How does that sound?

Melain said...

You're my hero for even CONSIDERING running at that unreasonable hour! I have trouble getting out the door by the crack of NOON, let alone dawn.

I personally prefer running on a treadmill. It keeps me running faster than I would on my own, it isn't as jarring on my knees, and I know that as soon as I'm done running, I can just get off! When I'm outside, I can't seem to stop thinking about how far I'm getting from my house. Though it's an absolute crime to live in this beautiful area and NOT excercise outside. It's so gorgeous here and SMELLS SO MUCH BETTER than the gym! Honest To Goodness Rebecca's comments was very encouraging! Made me want to go running! Sadly, it's MY spring break now, and a run with 3 kids would be pretty pointless, don't you think?

Matt said...

Claremont is too hot. Utah is too cold. Carlsbad is juuuust right.

I will definitely start working on a sales pitch for Eric when he comes down. The pitch will include prices of homes on large lots in a semi rural part of San Diego along with distances to the nearby camping/hiking areas and pictures of the mountains. I will also provide a list of jobs in his field of interest and potential rental properties in the Temecula area (there's a fire sale going on there right now).

Paige said...

I know, Claremont is too hot for running, at least during CC season. But just right at other times. Matt, your note brought tears to my eyes as I sit here and look out at the drizzle.

I must be suffering from some sort of seasonal depression. Even though I do my run it doesn't make me feel better about my day, I should feel like, "YES! I got out and ran this morning!" but I don't. I probably should go back to the gym and do the eliptical for a while and read, then I'd get through my magazine stack.

And thanks for the offer Mindy but I'd rather you were a running partner so maybe you should move back here.

kent said...

is the fire sale in temecula literal? i told eric earlier that i believe there is a vacant home in long beach and i know the owner and i think he would allow you to live there until you find somewhere you want to settle. im sorry its cold and dark and depressing. go download the song 'sunshine' by matt costa. it always cheers me up, especially since little lancer was the one that introduced it to me.

Torrie said...

i have to say that my comment is vastly diff. from the others
if i was built like you i wouldn't run or work out at all. i would figure that all the work i do around the house is a work out all in its self.
i'd just be glad to be naturally tiny and enjoy that my daughter is less than a year and i could wear all my old clothes again.
thats my 2 cents on the whole running thing.

p.s i do love/hate my treadmill, i use it weekly and maybe that's why i don't watch t.v in the family room any more- beacaue it is just sitting there saying" if you can be in here watching t.v, you could be working out on me & watching t.v"
good luck!

K. Laura said...

I despise treadmill running too. But I love the hour and 20 min. the gym allows for child watch and since I also despise running (or doing anything) before 7 am, I've become a treadmiller--it's my only option (except for Sat.'s when I can run on the beach). It's not bad when there is something good on TV, mixed with some good music. I usually only last about 40 or 50 min. though. But I do enjoy the weight lifting the gym offers that you can't get at home. So really, what gets me to the gym is the babysitting. Maybe if running in the rain isn't making you happier and all you really want is some free time, you could try taking your kids to the child watch at your gym and then just sitting in the lobby and reading your book or magazine. ;-) I know moms who have done that. But you asked for a pep talk so here I go:


(how was that? don't you feel so much better? hopefully it didn't make you cry like Matt's comment did. Bad brother, Bad brother!) And I'm sure the sun will be on it's way soon. xoxoxo

Lark said...

Um...its time to move. I've become a big fan of the desert, but you have to face the extreme heat. So it has to be one or the other. At least its green there?
Sorry I don't have enough in me right now for a pep talk - try me in a few months :)

Alexis said...

Well, Paige, let me remind you that you are my inspiration. When I am struggling to get out the door for a walk with Evan and Greta, I think of you getting out the door for a run all by yourself at o-dark-thirty in the morning. If you can do that, I surely can do this little walk. I know I used to that early morning run in Shoreline and we would be doing it together if I was there- I'm sorry to be on the South end of the puget sound at a time in my life when I could really finally really take advantage of our friendship. Maybe you should consider moving to MV? You'd have a running partner, who knows the guy who got you to start long distance running in the first place. But you'd also have rain and new development homes (not old ones with character). Hang in there- the hardest part of the daily run is getting out the door- now I have to get out the door one more time because you did!

kelly said...

i feel like i've let you down somehow.
i wish i was tough enough to offer to run with you in the freezing cold darkness. but i'm a treadmill princess.
i would love to do some sunny late-morning runs with you someday when this forever winter ends.
hang in there, you'll be rewarded come july.