Saturday, April 12, 2008

Groundhog Day

I posted about keeping track of time through the dates on milk cartons. Another way I have marked time over longer periods is if it lasted longer than high school. Overall I had a great high school experience but it seemed like it lasted forever. Those 4 years just went on for a long time and I think it is because I did the same thing, schedule-wise, for pretty much 4 years: seminary, school, choir, orchestra, running, young women. Pretty nice life, all about me and my talents (thanks mom and dad and my siblings who had to watch me do all this because I am the oldest child).

And now I'll think about time passing and think something like,
"I've been a mother for longer than I was in high school."
"We've been married for more than high school x2!"

As we broke out the slip-n-slide on this gorgeous sunny day, I had a Groundhog day moment, I had done it all before, blogged about it before. I looked back on my blog to last spring and found the pictures of the kids running through the sprinklers on the first truly warm day of the year. And here we are again. So does that mean that in a few more years this rite of spring in Seattle will mark the passage of time for me? It is a good time marker, joyful days for my children. I am blessed to have them to help me mark time now.

....I've got you babe....


Emmy said...

Paige! I think you are so beautiful. And your words- like your spirit- are inspiring.

Davidsonfieldville said...

That is so funny- and so true! Interesting tho how time just has flown in in this last 8 years of our lives. We are now Dr. Mom, because we have our PhD in mothering..and now.