Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I hope the boys will love and protect Sommer all her life, as much as they do now. I handed her to Cannon while I was getting some things out of the oven. Cannon and Laine were watching Kai-Lan on the computer (I love this new NickJr. show) and Sommer will sit still and watch it for a minute and dance along. At this time of day she was tired enough to relax next to her big space-heater of a brother.
Ridge has been playing a game with her with this bear lately and requested that I take a picture of them together. I'm glad he did.


kelly said...

man, she looks so much like cannon!
i bet it's sweet to see the boys being so gentle with their little sister.

Melain said...

Nothing makes me happier than watching my children play well together. I'm sure your boys will ultimately be the way they are now. But you KNOW there'll be a few years in the middle there when they'll want her to walk the plank. ;0)

Lark said...

she and cannon look like twins :) same look and everything. beautiful kids.