Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday's Dinner

Tonight I was going to make pasta for dinner, nothing special. Ridge came into the kitchen as I was starting to take things out and said that he did not want pasta for dinner. I wasn't excited about the meal either but it was easy and fast. He asked if he could make dinner and I agreed. Nothing for the recipe books and then our table manners were more than awful, but everyone was fed and no one complained. Hmm, maybe I should put Ridge in charge of dinner every night.

He put together a plate of cucumbers, carrots, sliced lunch meat, cubed cheese, olives, cheeze-its and tortilla chips. Then he heated up a few hot dogs, sliced them and put toothpicks in the pieces, and toasted some English muffins. Something for everybody.
After Cannon finished his hotdogs he started to put the toothpicks in his hair and said that they were barrettes.
Ridge wanted his picture taken while eating a cheezeit covered with bbque sauce, a combination that he discovered tonight, delicious to his palate.
Laine's lips are chapped. She ate mostly olives and chips but I gave her some pasta with sneaky ingredients.
And isn't this the cutest camper of them all? Sommer just loves being part of the group. She was chewing on a cucumber slice but then threw it on the ground. She likes bread but wasn't fond of English muffin.

Eric was still on his way home from work. After dinner, since it was still light and since I just bought a new attachment for the hose (I'm hoping to have a garden this year), the boys went outside and practiced target hitting with the hose and the bounce-around. No, it isn't warm, just in the 50s, but that magical squirter turned it into hose weather.


Alexis said...

Paige, this is great. I love your table- I suspect this your creation! This gives me hope that I will be creative again in the future.

Tricia said...

I'm lovin the table. Very cool!

Davidsonfieldville said...

I love the post!! I think Im putting Mallory in charge of dinner tonight..see what happens. Those pictures are so incredible..I love that one of Sommer...the look on Laine's face is awesome.
You're writing is the best of all tho. I wish I had that talent..not that Im' not grateful for the talents I have- but that would be a cool one to have!

kelly said...

my kids love eating snack foods for dinner!
and that sommer, i could just eat her up!

K. Laura said...

Luke and Ridge really are a lot alike. Luke likes to create things in the kitchen too and has made nachos out of potato chips for Matt, and even though they got burned in the broiler he was confident that Matt would still eat them and love them. What are the pictures on the table? is this a fun creation you need to share with us all? Looks like a fun dinner table for kids.