Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Travel Swap

A while back I posted about the Travel Swap. I participated in it and I received the happiest package ever. I swapped with the hostess and now it seems like I have a new online friend. This was waiting for me when I arrived home from the Vegas/Utah trip. I just love the little suitcase and it is presently hiding in my closet so that the kids to don't claim it. I know I can't keep it hidden forever though. Kelly included a dish towel with a map of Italy that I'm going to turn into a pillow instead of using it as a towel. And I've slowly been eating all of the Truffle Kisses, so yummy. I'm using the fancy soap instead of saving it for traveling, it makes my showers happier. So now I have a new blog to browse and I'll let you know when another swap comes around so you can swap too!


kelly said...

what a fun little treat.
what did you send?
was it supposed to represent a place?

Sally said...

How fun, Paige. I love to get mail that's sent to me on purpose, by someone who cares. And a package is like gravy on top! How nice that it arrived when you were feeling troubled about your hair, too. I like the new 'do by the way.

Torrie said...

that looks like fun!, are you sending something from where you live or your favorite vacation spot or what?
i might want in on it next time.
i too think the case is cute! what a great idea!

Paige said...

The idea is to send a package about traveling, you don't have to have been there. The hostess described it as a way to get over the winter blahs, think about traveling to exotic locations. Each package had to have at least 3 things in it.

I sent my package about Italy, I know so obvious, but it was fun to put together. I sent a bag of long rainbow pasta that was so great to happen upon because when I was in Italy the first time my aunt chose that as one of her souveniers and carried it around with her for several days, trying not to break it, and now it is so easy to get here; a very small travel journal to put ticket stubs in, something that I wish I had because they make good momentos and would be a great way to journal a brief thought about the day, and I added 2 pretty stubs from my collection; a cool frame with a few photos of Italy; a fabulous purple tie; a necklace with a swallow charm.

kelly said...
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kelly said...

i bet your recipient was thrilled!
so much fun!

K. Laura said...

Sounds like a really fun idea--I looked into it but didn't really understand how it worked. It seemed like a lot of work and I didn't know what I'd send--but I could see how it would be fun. You'll have to explain it so next time I can be in on it.