Friday, March 07, 2008

Square One

That's where I am, once again with my running. I can't even call it running right now, I'm plodding, inching along. But I signed up to run a 24 relay race with Lauren and others in July. I was going to post a link about it but now I can't even remember what I've signed up for, just that I have to be ready to run 15 miles in a 24 hour period. I think it is Rainier to Pacific relay. Anyway, there are a ton of these relays out there these days and I posted about wanting to run one once I had Sommer. My brother, Kent, just ran one. If you like Kent's posts, this is another good one. Made me nervous about being ready, but not nervous enough to get out and run this morning. I keep telling myself that next time Sommer wakes up around 5:30 I'm just going to go out and run afterwards, but I still haven't done it. Maybe now that I've told all of you, I'll have the gumption to get out and go.

And everyone is still planning on running the SeaFair 8K in July, right? By then, running will be fun for me again, but for now it just just work.


Sally said...

You are one brave lady - you GO!

Torrie said...

i'm tired just watching you,
let alone think i would get up and run!
you go girl!
i might even come and watch you guys!

kelly said...

i'm in!
you'll probably be faster than me in just a couple weeks, so i should get some runs in with you now while you're still warming up!

Alexis said...

I'm right there with you, Paige. I am back up to 1 mile jog after 10 weeks bedrest and a C-section. I should do the Seafair 8k with you just so I have a goal to work toward.

Thanks for some inspiration to get out and run again!

Lauren said...

I will be there for sure! What a fun run!!