Friday, March 14, 2008

Small Joys

I didn't mean to leave off with for a week the previous post, I always have something to blog about but then I don't always find the time to get it out of my head.

My brother's comment about the last post made me think of reasons why being a mom is worth cleaning up the messes as previously mentioned.

(And I also want to say, Kent - weren't you about 12 years old when you and your friend cooked microwave popcorn for 20 minutes to see what would happen? Can't say that starting with a 12-year-old would be any easier.)

It is all about the Small Joys in life. And I wouldn't say that they are my small joys, for me lately it has been recognizing the joys that my children have found in their lives which in turn brings me happiness. Because honestly, I am still tired and my floors aren't clean and often I don't want to play Pokemon vs. the mean princesses but if I dwell on these things, I know that I'm going to miss out on the moments that make life worth living.

This week Laine figured out how to skip, step-hop step-hop step-hop. She has been working on it for a while and it finally clicked. Pure joy. I got to watch her from behind, her hair swishing, pink glitter ballet flats going up and down. It made me so happy, it was such a joyous day for her. Everywhere we went, she went skipping. And doesn't that make you remember how great it feels to skip? It is a joyful motion.

Sommer is crawling. It makes me smile with joy to watch her learn this process, lifting her chubby hands and matching the coordination with her legs so that she doesn't slide onto her belly. I stoop down, a few feet from her and encourage her to come to me and she puts her head down and gets her body going, but it is still so laborious for her that she whines after a few attempts. But it is so cute to watch her in action. This first year of life is filled with so many growing steps and each one is wondrous, joyful.

Cannon loves to ride his bike. Lately he has wanted to ride every chance he gets. He never walks to the bus stop anymore, he rides as fast as he can. It makes me happy to watch him zoom away, pedaling with the wind on his face. He loves to be the first one home. Riding a bike and racing, such joyful feelings.

Ridge has started reading for pleasure more often. We've been reading Harry Potter together since last year and he is starting over on his own. He is bringing book 1 everywhere with him around the house to catch bits of reading time throughout the day. He came down to share something funny with us that he had read and it made me smile and remember reading when I was young, discovering the joy of getting lost in a book.

And I promise that after this week I have many more stories that aren't so joyful, but I'll just leave those to be forgotten this time. Well, I might have to post about just one...


mindy said...

This was a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing all these events that have brought joy to your life. It was really good for me to read this and take a few minutes to think of the things that the girls do that bring me joy. There are many, they have just been getting lost under the emphasis I have been putting on their faults.
Thank Paige!

Team Biddle said...

Yes, thank you for this post Paige. What amazing children you have...and what joyful experiences. Andy reminded me this week that I am not finding joy in the day to day parenting, and that I am just "surviving." I'll try a little harder to find the joy in him and all of life. :)

Lynne said...

Thanks, Paige, for such sweet thoughts and reminders for a mom. I don't have a blog, but I'll look harder for some joys in my 17 year old and let you know! Love you and all of your little joys!

Paige said...

See, they aren't really amazing all the time, not even half the time, and I often find myself "surviving" the days or the week. I'm not miss happy-go-lucky all the time. I have to admit that thinking about this post really helped my week. So I guess it works.

Now what am I going to think about this week? I'm starting off mad about the weather. I'm tired of being cold, and it isn't helping me be a better mother at all.

Lark said...

Very sweet. Love to hear about the great things your kids do.
I would always write about this stuff too while I was pregnant to try to help me focus on the positive. It would mostly work. But keep the funny, real stories coming. They are quite hilarious when you look back at them. Plus you write so well that you really make them funny. I don't quite have that talent.
HOpe you get some good weather!

K. Laura said...

I love the good days. I'm always reminded of "opposition in all things"--it helps keep things in perspective. I love those cherished sublime thoughts of motherhood and hearing about the joyful moments of others. Thanks Paige

kelly said...

great post paige!
and great kiddos!